Character Work

Short Character Development Sample. This is a small insert from a character and scene set up.

He was a random stranger who I was just going to get a coffee with. Being jaded like I was, I had him labeled before we ever even met. He was tall and handsome and I was just praying he wouldn't say he was "trying to be an actor" but this is Hollywood so the odds were not in my favor. We met and I was quite confused. He genuinely wasn't something I could put in a box, which I like to think I'm an expert at. An intellectual, a foreigner, a business owner and actor who rode an old vintage motorcycle, dressed in a black leather jacket like some kid from the 50s movie Grease, and yet he was cultured, loved red wine, and only drank bubbly water. He was extremely health conscious, opinionated, had a Bulgarian mixed with French sounding accent, yet conversationally fell somewhere between engaging and irritating. He was passionate but about the most random items like cheese, literature, quantum physics, the movie Inception, and he seemed to have an unusual ability to make the average afternoon lunch conversation like a dissertation on Pablo Picasso or Mozart, just full of complexity, culture, and an almost irritating level of intellect. While I loved his appreciation for culture and his obvious passion for knowledge and reading, I kept looking at him thinking, why are you still single? What's wrong with you? You know the normal first meeting/I've been on way too many dates lately thoughts that most of us get. I studied his face like a sculptor analyzing the balance of each feature as he rambled on and on about the meaning of the matrix and yet I tried to at the same time stay engaged in the conversation. As you can imagine, this was a pretty epic failure, yet somehow he didn't seem to mind my obvious distracted thought process. Instead, he complimented my eyes and asked me a question about myself, which he had to ask twice of course, as I was in my own zone. I think my mind was somewhere between, wow you have beautiful lips and hmmm, those are some serious eyebrows.