The Beautiful Unknown

Love is opening up even when it hurts, taking a risk, taking a chance, diving from the cliff tops without looking at the clouds or the hard ground below, and I would take that dive for you. It's that look you get when you are scared, the look you showed me tonight. It's the beautiful unknown. Love is wiping the tears from another's cheek without asking why, losing it all, but gaining everything. It's the storm and the calm. It's the goodnight that takes 2 hours to say. It's the feeling you get watching them walk away. It's the beautiful unknown. Love, it’s the way you look when you are afraid that I might leave, the way you kiss when you are grabbing on to me. The way you fight, you always think you’re right, and I’ll let you be. But Don't close up now. You’re not alone. We're so close to forever. It's the beautiful unknown.