There is something magical, enchanting, and almost seductive that occurs when the beauty of life, even in its utmost simplicity, can be captured from behind a lens, resulting in an resplendent and thought provoking piece. The resulting medium can both tell a story but also allow the audience to create their own narrative, their own truth, and to see the world with an entirely new palate of colors.

As an artist, I begin with a simple mantra, that there are no rules, no failures, and no mistakes. Like traveling, sometimes getting lost is the best part of the journey. It's where you find the hidden whole in the wall restaurant, or the remnants of a castle that were not in any travel book, or sometimes its just where you find your inner voice singing a beautiful melody. For those that know me, I tend to defy normal in most of my life and while I will plan something out, I tend to thrive on the spontaneous, the unknown, and in many ways the real adventure of life. As an artist, I hope to also redefine the normal and to transform the overlooked into the admired. With every new work, I hope to slow down society for just a moment in order to inspire people to dream, to believe, and to love with a new refreshed outlook.

I like to say that my music is my voice, my photography and camera work my eyes, my art work my hands, my poetry my tears (both of sorrow and joy), my film/tv creations my imagination, my business side my logic and I suppose sometimes my inner tigeress, my cooking my creativity, my acting my emotions, my dancing my body, and most importantly the world and all of the beautiful people and critters I see each day are my heart. Thank you for allowing me to share my happiness and world with each of you!